Tuesday, April 2, 2013


As a hip hop head, every now and then I must do a cultural pilgrimage that sees me visiting the Trinity International Hip Hop Festival at Trinity College in Hartford, Connecticut; USA. Trinity International Hip Hop Festival

Lots of hip hop activities, markets, discussions and love. The festival is attended by students, artists, graffiti writers, teachers, professors, break dancers, industry players, scholars from all over the world. The festival is an opportunity for students and world hip hop players to connect with each other through workshops, cyphers, film showcases, art exhibitions. This year the festival will start on April 4th and end on April 7th and will be headlined by Dead Prez and will have a wide range of artists from all over the world including Kama from the legendary Kenyan hip hop crew Kalamashaka. The festival will also have Aisha Fukushima (Japan), Teddy Yo (Ethiopia), Bideew Boo Bess (Senegal), Humanist (Burkina Faso), Mandeep Sethi (India), Las Krudas (Cuba), Rael (Brazil) just to name a few. The schedule: Festival Schedule

Kama who is a Kenyan hip hop pioneer will perform on Friday 5th April 10pm at the Washington Room of Mather Hall. On Saturday 6th April at 2pm he will be a part of a hip hop panel discussion about "Hip Hop and Human Rights through Education". This will be a major comeback for Kama of Kalamashaka who has started his solo career after a long silence from the group Kalamshaka. Follow Kama on twitter @KamaKshaka to see more of his moves hear his music and see what he's up to. Also check out his new music here Kama of Kalamashaka.

During the festival, yours truly (Buddha Blaze) will also hold a lecture in Professor Seth Markle's African Studies class about "The influence of African hip hop on contemporary African society". The class will take place on Thursday 4th April at Trinity College be in class.

Representing Kenya to the fullest.

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