Friday, March 22, 2013


Tonight in downtown Atlanta, Georgia we celebrate the life and legacy of one brilliant black scholar, writer, pan-Africanist and historian; Walter Rodney. Artists to perform are Humanist from Burkina Faso via Paris and Waterflows from Senegal via DC. The show will be hosted by yours truely Buddha Blaze.

Venue: Soundtable, Space 2
Address: 482 Edgewood Avenue, 
South East Atlanta, Georgia
Date:  Friday March 22nd
Time:  8.30pm

WALTER RODNEY (March 23 1942 - 13 June 1980)   

He is a Guyanese history scholar and lecturer who has written and lectured on the need for Europeans to accept their part in under-developing Africans. By the age of 24 he earned a Phd. at the London School of African & oriental Studies. His lectures were against capitalism and in 1968 he led a revolution of poor workers in Jamaica an action that led him for being banned in Jamaica for ever. The riots came to be known as the Rodney Riots. Rodney went to teach at Dar es Salaam University in 1969 where he built a centre of African knowledge and education. in 1974 he returned to his native Guyana to take up a position at the University of Guyana but the government of Guyana resisted his return, this led to riots in that country. he then formed a powerful opposition political party called Working People's Alliance that was opposed to the government's capitalistic tendencies. He was later arrested and charged for various allegations. He was assassinated in 1980 after falling victim to a car bomb. he was one of the first black scholars to really take on the capitalism system. His most important book is called How Europe Underdeveloped Africa, where he described how Europe had a calculated plan to exploit Africa. He is a celebrated figure of Black freedom all over the world with lecture halls, history syllabuses, libraries, and school spaces named after him. The city of Atlanta Georgia hosts the headquarters to the Walter Rodney Foundation at Marketplace Boulevard on East Point. Visit the foundation here: Walter Rodney Foundation

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