Monday, September 10, 2012


Is there anyone in your community doing great stuff for no reward?

We want to find out who they are so we reward them.

We call them the Crazy Masters. These are people who are going out of their way to just do great things for their community. The act has to be for free and has to be insane in the membrane.

Monday, September 3, 2012


Here's the Review I did for Nairobi's Top Cultural Magazine Nairobi Up

Camp Mulla could well be the group that single handedly lifts the face of urban Kenyan music. Made up of versatile rappers Taio Tripper and Shappaman, the amazing songstress Karungari “Miss Karun”, and the multi- talented producer, Marcus “K’Cous” Kibukosya, Camp Mulla is one to watch.

“Funky Town” is a highly anticipated piece of art with a clear objective—to make you dance and have a great time. The title track, “Funky Town”, is a preparation for celebration. Camp Mulla doesn’t deviate from the carnival mood, even when giving a positive message on their rendition of Kenyan 90s group, Zanaziki’s “Papeyo”. A gem, it encourages peers to work hard in life, not to expect handouts, and never to abandon their dreams.

The laid back jam “Feel No Pain” will put you in the mood for a great house party. And you have to bring lots of swagger if you want to keep it “Fresh All Day”, as Miss Karun croons. She solidifies the track iwith “all I know is swagger, put your hands up if you’ve have some.” Camp Mullah’s smash hit, “Party Don’t Stop” (featuring Collo), earned them lots of accolades, including becoming the first East-African artists nominated for the prestigious 2012 American BET.

“Sunday Swagg” is the type of song to play on the drive home after a long day at work. You won’t believe how fast the traffic moves. They team up with Just A Band on the grown-up and jazzy “Where Do You Come From?” Watch out now, you will get addicted to jams such as “End of the Night”, “Addicted” and “Take It to the Floor”. This is followed by the smooth J. Smiles, who teams up with the group for some deep R&B on “Low” and “We Can Go”. And for the big finale, Camp Mullah ends the album with the insightful “Move On”, featuring Bamboo. After listening to this album, I sincerely recommend a trip down to “Funky Town”.

“Funky Town” is available at all Nakumatt and Uchumi stores.

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