Thursday, October 7, 2010

One8 - African Music Supper Group

Over the last decade or so, the African music industry has been on an upward rise; never before has there been such promise in the said form of expression. Individual countries such as South Africa, Tanzania, Angola, Kenya, Nigeria and Ghana have produced numerous stars but we haven't witnessed that many inter-border collaborations. Because the scene is still young in pretty much every one of these African countries, the scene has been developing on its own without fiscal support from any major. No one has been able to step to the game to unite it.

At least 10 years in the music and arts industry and I've just realized that the only one holding us back is the inability to work together as an African industry. They say that sometimes when you don't expect a thing to happen that's when things actually start happening. So when I heard that SONY affiliate music label Rock 4000 was putting together a super African music group called One8 I was so elated beyond words because this should've happened a few years back. To make it even better is that one of my favorite artists Navio from Uganda was on that list.

Navio is joined by R&B star JK from Zambia, Bongo Flava King Ali Kiba from Tanzania and Ghana's 4 by 4. All these artists who are very talented and popular in their home countries will come together to form the super group One8 for more info visit: It's about to go down proper! The word is that they are all working some major collaborations and in the next few hours their producer will be annouunced. He is none other than a mysterious producer from the windy city of Chicago. Ur guess is as good as mine. Keep it here for more info as I get it.


  1. I hope the sony group does not head in the way of Coca cola pop stars but then again,we could do with a new wave of music talent in this country. I will keep checking your blog for more info.

  2. @Jackie I hpe it doesnt go that way too. This is global and better.