Monday, October 25, 2010


After weeks of speculation, 8 superstars from across Africa have united with one major megastar to form ONE8; the all star group to make the best music from Africa onto the global stage and connecting millions of fans through the universal language of music. Through the power of the universal language of music and combining genres, sounds, voices and audiences - while breaking down stereotypes, geographical borders and divisions - ONE8 is the ultimate music force that is single-handedly changing the face of the African music industry. ONE8 consists of the hottest African talent from eight major African countries.

The power and excitement around this collective of African stars is so big that ONE8 will be not only be joined by one of the biggest global megastars and icons in music for its first single and video, about to be recorded in Chicago, USA, but this superstar, who’s played a crucial role in defining R&B and Hip-Hop as we know it, will produce the song and video together with some of the biggest names in music and music video production in the world today.

This all star group ONE8 is produced and managed by the first major pan-African record label and 360 music company, ROCKSTAR4000 within the family of the world’s number 1 recording company Sony Music. Sony Music has delivered some of music’s biggest icons and pioneers in the history of music including the likes of Elvis Presley, Michael Jackson, Beyonce, R Kelly, Alicia Keys, Usher, Christina Aguilera, Pink, Neil Diamond, Bruce Springsteen, Santana and Shakira to name a few. ONE8 is destined for greatness, shattering perceptions about African music as it builds networks and excitement across African and across the world.

ONE8 is a progressive, digital media driven project - driven by the passion of the artists to not only allow their fans access around the clock, but to give them the freedom to escape from their every day challenges and empowering their fans to be whatever they want to be through the power of music and the digital world - connecting them across cities, borders and continents.

All eight artists set off for the USA, fans will be connected with them around the clock through the website, mobile site or mobisite, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and YouTube and live webcasts from on-the road. Millions of fans will experience this music revolution and historic journey as it happens. Fans will experience their favorite stars up-close and personal and roam where no fan has roamed before, digital ALL ACCESS PASSES delivered personally by these superstars to their fans!

All the artists have worked together to create a song that is a truly Pan-African creation. The group will also shoot a video in Chicago which will be released globally with the first single in November, alongside a full album and DVD soon after.

You can follow ONE8 around the clock on the following official portals:,,,,,