Saturday, August 18, 2012


Bob Marley is an international icon one of the greatest musicians to ever live on the planet earth. After Michael Jackson and Obama his image is one of most popular black faces in the world. He inspired many people differently, - musically, culturally, historically and politically . Even though many didn’t know him personally, his story is one of challenge, tribulation and victory.   Here comes some of the most revealing and personal films about the life of this iconic legend Marley. The film was directed by Kevin Macdonald who also directed Last King of Scotland. It has received critical acclaim all over the word and grossed over USD 1 million in USA. For the first time in a cinema in Africa; Marley will play in Nairobi at Star Flix Cinemas starting September 2012. Keep it here for dates of Premier. Marley - The Film

A Film By Kevin Macdonald
Coming to Nairobi September 7th 2012
Star Flix Cinema

Prestige Plaza, Nairobi 

I'm giving out a Free Tickets for the Premiere if you can answer at least 2 of the the following questions. All questions must be answered on this blog.

What is Tuff Gong?   

What does the name Tuff Gong mean?  

Where did the name originate from?

After answering, keep checking the blog for who wins the tickets. 


  1. Tuff Gong is the record label that was formed by The Wailers. It was Bob Marley's nickname, which borrowed from that given to the founder of the Rastafari movement, Leonard "The Gong" Howell :)

    1. You are a winner of a ticket to the Marley Premier. what is your government name?

    2. Kawira Mwirichia :)

      is the premier at 9pm?

  2. Tuff gong was Bobs nickname and ultimately his studio was named so. It was taken from the founder of the Rastafari movement, Leonard "The Gong" Howell.

    1. You are a winner of the free ticket to watch the Marley Premiere tonight. What is your government name? Show up with ID.

  3. #Tuffgong a nickname given to Bob Marley because of his fierceness as a streetfighter and name of record label formed by the wailers in 1970,it came from rastafarian leader Leonard Howell