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Eve kicking it in Kenya with Shaggy

The exciting weekend of September 30th was fun filled in the city of Nairobi as stars trickled in for the big Tusker All Stars Concert set to happen on October 1st at the Carnivore. Fans from all over were quite elated to know that some of their favorite music stars were hanging out in their town. There was pandemonium at the airport, hotels, clubs, malls and everywhere they went.

The Stars Hangin out in Kenya

They slowly trickled in one by one; first it was the Angolan star Cabo Snoop who was so happy to visit Kenya for the first time. Next was Jamaican reggae star Shaggy who has been to Kenya so many times he knows people and the streets by name he is suspected to have a Kenyan cell number. Hip hop diva Eve landed in later welcomed by celebration and camaraderie.

They quickly embarked on getting to know the Tusker All Stars Ugandan Davies, Tanzanian Msechu and Rwandese Alpha exchanged a lot of music and talked about industry experiences. They went out hanging out in Kenyan clubs visiting different venues enjoying Kenyan food and hospitality and culture. There was a lot of love, music, laughter, fun, embrace and style in the air.

Cabo planting a tree.

The jovial musicians then embarked on the first leg of their tour which was environmental conservation by teaming up with the EABL team and visiting the infamous Karura Forest which was saved by the late Wangari Maathai (RIP). The artists were elated to be involved in the experience in a country known for having an international tree planting hero. They loved it.

Alpha gets down and dirty.

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