Wednesday, July 6, 2011

ALBUM REVIEW: DEZYNE - Rebel Manifesto

Dezyne puts his right foot forward with this conscious effort to export his thoughts about his experience as a young man growing up. On ‘Dark Dayz’ he paints a picture of a shameless world that is filled with greed and selfish individuals he raps “I couldn’t comprehend why the rich had senseless things/ while the poor stay locked in an endless dream” – its not like it used to be. He sets of the revolution on ‘Picture That’ where he provokes thought about living in a world of full of righteousness people who’s sole purpose is to fight against what’s wrong. He sends an ode to the motherland on ‘Africa’ where it’s clear where he gets his inspiration. Dezyne exhibits a mature lyrical flow and an amazing ability to tell his story. The name is Dezyne you heard it now check him out.

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  1. Dezyne is dope! Love to catch his performances live!