Tuesday, May 3, 2011


By Buddha Blaze

It has been a long time since an artist captivated me in a way that I can relate to. Either the music is industry is tapped out, getting tired or the artists are just lacking fresh creativity. It is really about being able to come in the industry with a whole fresh angle that nobody else has attempted. Then here comes the elegant Liz Ogumbo who many of you may know as a fashion designer who runs Imani Models and Imani House of Fashion http://imanimodels.com but I have known her a soul singer always singing at any opportunity given. It’s her turn now to enter the music industry and she is not coming in without haute couture.

Liz Ogumbo

Liz Ogumbo has recently finished her album Ken Soul on Gallo Records http://lizmusiq.com/site/ and is ready for the games to begin. Now based in Cape Town South Africa running her fashion boutique Orange, she was back in Nairobi to launch and promote her music at her event dubbed Music Meets Fashion at the Fashionist. The Fashionist is an international fashion event held at the Kenyatta International Conference Centre. Introducing Ken Soul to the Kenyan crowd and using her fashion as a vehicle makes her uniquely relevant in an industry that has not done anything of this design.

Buddha Blaze the MC

As MC of the event this was the first time I had done a fashion event and I have to say I will never again look down upon fashion models. These girls work hard and to be able to stay elegant at all times while cracking a smile. I know now that when you see a runway full of models strutting down what the mums gave them do not for once think that it is easy to do. The sequencing was up to par, the change over was quick and at the end of day the elegance is maintained. Models are some of the hardest working individuals in the entertainment industry and behind the pretty bodies are amazingly beautiful souls.

The crowd kept glued to Liz Ogumbo’s fashion pieces which is made up of elegant casual dresses made from the kanga, jeans cuts a mixture of modern and traditional style as she belted her Ken Soul songs such as ‘Awete’, ‘Big Nyash in Blue Jeans’, ‘Maro Pamore’, ‘Mambo Jambo’ which quickly turned into a chakacha contest putting ladies in the crowd against each other for who was the best in shaking their waist Swahili Coastal style – what a spectacle to behold. Of course the winner went home with a brand new Mi-Q5 Dual Sim Qwerty www.mi-fone.mobi. Fashion really met music at the Fashionist to the delight of the audience who didn’t miss a beat.

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  1. This was a unique show. Liz Ogumbo is very talented, I really had fun having both fashion and music combined.